• November = LOTS of states

    Working on two albums, one solo and another one with Will Copps. Also writing new songs to perform with fellow NOVA muscian John Ireland. November is a cool month – I am celebrating another birthday and traveling A LOT. This past weekend I visited Toms River, New Jersey for a good friend’s wedding. Tomorrow I leave for North Carolina where I will be celebrating my birthday while participating in the largest surf fishing tournament in the world – wish me luck? At the end of the month I will be hanging out in Colorado for a solo acoustic show (or two) and a visit with some wonderful, generous friends. Plus, I get to meet my first niece for the first time this month- YAY! I am happily overwhelmed with life’s awesomeness. :)

  • August, really?

    Well, September is tomorrow. I have been bad at posting on here. I am in the process of writing a whole lot of new music, both solo and Will Copps (former drummer, current music partner/BFF!). Can’t wait to track this stuff and share it with you all…until then, here is the music video I made for “Aberdeen Pelee” (track 03 off of “Songs for Someone Else”). Fun facts: I did this music video compeltely by myself (which might show, yikes sorry!) But I filmed it and edited it all in one afternoon/evening and I am pretty happy with the way it turned out….I think I captured the feeling I wanted to capture with little to no quality/filming talent. Enjoy :)


    Aberdeen Pelee



    My new solo album was set to release on June 26th….BUT instead I released it yesterday (June 17) Check it out on itunes: “Songs for Someone Else” by Brittany Jean :)


  • New solo EP out June 26, 2014

    Hey! Yes!! Not only did Will Copps and I just release a “dream folk” album last month (PLACES)….but I also did a solo EP this past January/February called “Songs For Someone Else.” I will be releasing it next month on June 26, 2014. I am very excited to share with you the first track: “3 Minutes”

    CLICK HERE IF SOUNDCLOUD DOES NOT WORK BELOW: https://soundcloud.com/brittanyjeanmusic/minutes-naster-v1

  • Album Release!! “Places”










    TODAY IS THE DAY!!! “PLACES” is OUT!! Download our entire album NOW An album made entirely through email w/ friend Will Copps (willcopps.com), created 4,000 something miles apart, between two good friends, passion-heart-soul, described as “dream folk”…what’s not to love

    iTunes: http://bit.ly/P2rCCI

    Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1qY2rhg

    Bandcamp (w/ physical CDs): http://bit.ly/1gy6OdS

    **Read a review of our album from DC ROCK LIVE: http://dcrocklive.blogspot.com/2014/04/record-reviews-march-2014.html …”This music gently rocks you to a hypnotic state as if you are only just using your senses to take on the limited beauty of your surroundings”



  • Album Announcement!!! :)

    Over the last 6 months or so, Will Copps (willcopps.com) and I have poured our hearts and souls into a project. We could not be more proud of the music we have worked so hard to create on this album. Being 4,097 miles apart originally seemed lik…e such an obstacle, but in actuality- it gave us an opportunity to work even harder to find and create a musical environment that bleeds the essence of true inspiration, honesty, and friendship. We are thankful, pleased, and honored to present this video announcement of our album title and release date :) Enjoy!
  • April is NEXT MONTH! :)

    Will Copps and Brittany Jean recorded an album. This album will come out NEXT month! (April 2014) We cannot wait for you to hear it!! Until then, here is our official press photo. Our photo shoot process was almost as unique as our album….we had to figure out how to take a photo of us when we live over 4,000 miles apart. Clearly, a bit of magic took care of that :) Before our album comes out, here are a few more things to look forward to:
    -The reveal of our album name

    -The reveal of our album cover art

    -The release of our promo video

    -The release of our first single


    In the meantime, check out our websites (willcopps.com) and the upcoming shows listed here on brittanyjeanmusic.com :)



    Excited to share that a new album by Will Copps and Brittany Jean will be released THIS Spring. The unique 8 track album was written and composed half a world apart (Brittany in VA, Will in Germany). Its sound is unlike anything we have ever done- a sound that could be described as the genre of “FOLKTRONICA” (google it?)… Exactly one month from today we will be revealing our promo video and album title! We cannot wait for you to hear, or rather experience our new music!!



    This past January, I also had the pleasure of finally tracking my solo album at Pick Up Productions in Maryland. The album: Songs for Someone Else. It is just about finished and I will release details about that album at a later time…my priority is the project listed above :) Both are beautiful, different, and exciting! :)

  • New Band, New Music!

    I am thrilled to announce that I have a new band!! We are called: Rifle Cleaning Party…Check out our facebook page and our first acoustic video reveal:


    Also, I am thrilled to announce that I will be in the studio next week to record my solo project: Songs For Someone Else. I will be recording my music with Pick Up Productions :)

    YAY!!!! 2014 is lookin’ pretty good…..

  • #songsforsomeoneelse

    As always, it’s been a while…for the last couple of months Brittany has been working solo, Will has been doing awesome art-related things in Germany, and Brian has joined the circus. Despite being so busy with all of our own projects…Will and Brian have managed to exhibit one of their art collaborations in the midwest (I can’t remember if it’s Kansas or Oklahoma) and Will and I have been working through email on some interesting music projects.

    I, Brittany, have been working on putting together an album of songs I have written over the last year…I had decided early on that when and if I finished, I would title the project “Songs for Someone Else” for reasons that I will explain at another time…I have been quietly been hinting at the album title in twitter and facebook posts, not that anyone would notice…but I am excited to figure out how to get all of these tracks recorded and compiled into a final album. The album will be folk-rock in genre….it will be painful and beautiful as all wonderful things are?! :)

    Peace, love, rock and roll ;) -Britt

    A sneak peak from my most recent photo shoot!